Intelligent Surveillance-Intelligent Responses

Loitering Detection
Detection of anything wandering around a given area. Alerts based on duration of occupancy.
Secure Zone Detection
Detection of anything that enters a given area. Specific zones such as windows or doors can be protected while ignoring surrounding areas.
Scene Change Detection
Detects when anything in a scene has changed such as a vehicle parked in your driveway. Alerts can be audible, stealth, Text, or all.
Face Detection
This feature can differntiate between a passing vehicle and a person. Responses can be set to automatic and alert you to an unknown presence.
Missing and Left Object Detection
Instant Detection and Notification of an object placed or removed from a given area. Watch the video for a Demonstration of Intelligent Surveillance in Action.
Virtual Fence Detection
As the name implies a virtual fence can trigger a response when it is crossed in either direction or both. See the Video below on how this works.

Intelligent Surveillance means crime and property damage can be instantly overted.

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