Intelligent Surveillance-Intelligent Responses

Loitering Detection
Detection of anything wandering around a given area. Alerts based on duration of occupancy.
Secure Zone Detection
Detection of anything that enters a given area. Specific zones such as windows or doors can be protected while ignoring surrounding areas.
Scene Change Detection
Detects when anything in a scene has changed such as a vehicle parked in your driveway. Alerts can be audible, stealth, Text, or all.
Face Detection
This feature can differntiate between a passing vehicle and a person. Responses can be set to automatic and alert you to an unknown presence.
Missing and Left Object Detection
Instant Detection and Notification of an object placed or removed from a given area. Watch the video for a Demonstration of Intelligent Surveillance in Action.
Virtual Fence Detection
As the name implies a virtual fence can trigger a response when it is crossed in either direction or both. See the Video below on how this works.

Proactive Decisions

A crime occurs in the United States every 3.8 Seconds and it is only a matter of time before you are next. By the time you call the police if you are able, it will be far too late. The police may be good for something, like documenting the crime or gathering evidence after the fact. But that is of little comfort when you consider the they are completely powerless to prevent a crime.
Is this the option you really want to go with?

The truth is, this False Sense of security has left Americans completely vulnerable to a crime. Because of this, citizens have become
 Complacent, Unaware, and Completely Unprotected.
The reality is you are left defenseless.

A home security system could help deter a crime and yes, some offer security cameras with their systems, but at what cost? The Security Company, NSA, police, and any other government agency have access to those cameras and can watch you whenever they wish, without a warrant! And you are paying a monthly fee to allow them to Do This! Worst of all, none of these options offer a real proactive approach to deterring crime. This in effect is a digital home invasion of your privacy.

You could go it alone and get an off the shelf system. Install it and configure it on your own and then wait for the Hackers to have their way with your system. Watching you! Again, not an ideal option.





Our Intelligent Surveillance Systems are private, secure, and full featured.
We only sell one brand of Surveillance System which may only be purchased though us or our supplier. This is not a retail offered system. All the data is instantly encrypted and can not be deciphered without the hardware. This means even if the data is stored in the Cloud it cannot be accessed unless you own the hardware to view it. Your Privacy is Our top priority.

Our Cameras are equally as robust. We offer two types of cameras.
Static Mount and PTZ or Pan Tilt Zoom. Our static units are the latest HD 1080P and Night Vision technology. Vandal Proof and Waterproof these camera's offer crystal clear video frames in Real Time through our D1 Servers with no Delay.

Our systems are so intelligent, they can actually tell our PTZ cameras where to look and we employ the latest Auto Tracking Modules to enhance control over moving objects.

We Do Not Contract our equipment or services to government agencies
or law enforcement. In a country full of corrupt government officials,
Our systems are designed not only to protect You, but to protect your privacy.

Best of all there is no monthly monitoring fees because you are
not being Monitored!

 Let’s look at just one example of how our Intelligent Surveillance systems
can prevent and protect you, your family, and property from a Crime.

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The Heart of Intelligent Surveillance Resides within the powerful Hupervision Software. Our base systems come standard with a wealth of features like Virtual Fence, Face Detection, Loitering Detection, and more. Features found in systems costing tens of thousands of dollars. We feel that everyone should be able to benefit by this incredible technology. This is our core principal behind our company and why we offer these systems at affordable prices.

Our systems can be found in Homes, Businesses, Automobiles, RV's, and Boats throughout the world. A true testament to the industrial grade quality of our equipment and our dedication to offer the latest and best technology to you, our customers.

Intelligent Surveillance means crime and property damage can be instantly overted.

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