In this example we will not be using a typical crime scenario but a mere annoyance.

Let’s say you have a problem with animals intruding into your yard at night while you are asleep. And we will assume it has damaged your yard or landscape repeatedly but you are unable to see it or stop it.

A simple and effective response would be to deploy an action/reaction program. Once the animal has either triggered a virtual fence, loitering, or secure zone, the programmed response could be one of hundreds of reactions. Most popular is to turn on a sprinkler zone for that area. In nearly every case, the animal will run for cover as the premise of being sprayed with cold water is very unappealing. After several times of this happening even the most ignorant of animals will not return for fear of being soaked.

This simple but effective approach works with animals or people and in no way is painful or damaging.

The element of surprise and quick response will leave the occupant looking for the quickest way out of that situation and away from the threat. By simply employing a proactive tactical response you have not only eliminated the threat but left an impression, one that will not soon be forgotten.

The animal or person does not know if the response was triggered by a person or a machine, nor do they care. The point is, they won’t forget and they won’t come back!

On top of the fact you prevented any Damage or Threat to remain
you have a Video Recording of the entire event.