DC-JAX was founded in 1998 as a computer repair company. As time passed we became entrenched in the repair of ATM, Automation, and Surveillance.  In 2003 we shifted our focus solely towards Surveillance Systems.

In 2005 we began comparing DVR/Surveillance Systems. Our testing started out with five systems from different manufactures. We set specific rigid criteria to meet. Ease of use, Cost, Quality, performance, and functionality. At the end of a grueling 18 month test one system survived, so in 2008 we partnered with Huper Laboratories and began production of our Intelligent Surveillance Servers. Our goal was not just to sell a bunch of different systems, but one solid system that customers could depend on to protect them.

Today we still only Sell one Brand of Surveillance Server, Huperlab. With The IOT on the horizon and our background in Automation the marriage of Surveillance, Automation, Home Theater, and Structured Cabling was inevitable. Now more than ever our mission is has never been clearer. We produce Industrial Grade Intelligent Surveillance Servers to Home owners and small businesses. In addition we install Home Theater systems, Automation, and Structured cabling.

While we cannot stock every type of component, any request to install an item we do not stock comes with the assurance that we have spent Days researching the exact equipment needed to fulfill our customers expectations. And weeks testing it’s integration for that application and purpose. Our Goal isn’t to sell you just anything but exactly what you asked for and nothing less.

The sole purpose of our company is to process your request, research, assemble, test, and install your system per your specifications. Without the need for our customer to have to guess at what might work or what is best for their application.