DC-JAX is a local provider of DC Power Jack Repair, CCTV Surveillance, Home Automation, IOT, Structured Cabling, Home Theater, Lightning Strike Detection Systems, and NLOS Wireless Video Transmitters.

Too many times we found that these basic services were either non-existent or were so overpriced that they were not cost prohibitive. Instead we decided to specialize in just these fields so that we could provide the best possible products and services to our customers affordably.

Most companies that sell CCTV offer multiple systems to appeal to the masses. The main problem with this is that there are few people if any to provide Technical Support on every single type of system they sell. We specialize in one type of Video Surveillance System that we know inside and out because we designed and built it specifically for our

Personalized service like this use to be the standard in America but was lost do to Government Greed. Companies were forced down a path of fees, permits, and regulations that left them desperate to make a profit. The most important variable in all this was the customer who took the brunt of this new way.

Today small businesses struggle to compete with the big box stores only because they try to run like a big box store. Our reputation is not built on massive sales but High Recommendations.

Nearly every member of my family owns or is part of a small business and we all take great pride in our companies. Our father’s company left a lasting impression on all of us and has provided jobs to 23+ employees since 1968 and does so to this day.

Where you spend your money is your business. Quality Products & Service is ours!